Fine Wines from Vinhos Cortem

Founded in 2004 by Christopher Price, an English film sound engineer and his wife Helga Wagner a German sound editor, Vinhos Cortém is a small (4.5 hectares) organic winery set in the hills and valleys a few kilometers east of Caldas da Rainha. 

The idea to make wine started as a small personal project in 2000 with one field but has grown now to a full-time job for us both and we produce about 15000 bottles a year. Our love of wine has been the driving force and although we had no formal training in winemaking, we have done the work at every stage of the process including viticulture, winemaking and wine tastings, welcoming many hundreds of visitors here over the years. In this way we have learnt the basics of this art, and have been rewarded with many medals for our wines! Making wine is always an ongoing challenge but we enjoy this work immensely and will continue to do so! 

ChrisHelga Cheers 




Statement from Chris & Helga.

"In late 2018 we met Lindeborg Wines through tastings here in Cortém. They liked our wines very much and approached us with an offer to buy the winery for inclusion in their portfoliio of wineries.

They assured us that much needed investment would be made and that our viticultural and winemaking practices would be continued with the object of keeping and improving the unique style of Cortém wines. After a lot of thought we decided that it would be a good idea for the future success fo the winery and accepted their offer.

In March 2021 Lindeborg wines completed the sale and became the sole owners of Cortém.

We have been asked to remain in an advisory position till the end of the year to help in developing new wine styles, winemaking, viticulture and marketing.

We wish Lindeborg wines a successful and exciting future with Cortém wines."

Note: Wine is still our passion and we are not moving! We did not sell our house and still have one small vineyard, our oldest, planted in 2000.

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Statement from Lindeborg Wines.

In 2018 we heard about Vinhos Cortém from friends and went there for our first tasting hosted by Chris and Helga. We were very impressed by the classical style of the wines and also with the various blends which Cortém was producing.

We returned with wine experts and a sommelier who confirmed the uniqueness of Cortém wines and their appeal to wine enthusiasts. 

What followed was a discussion about the future of Cortém and our similar views of how to achieve this. Chris and Helga decided to sell the winery to Lindeborg Wines so that their work could be continued with new investments and keeping and improving the Cortém style of wine.

Lindeborg Wines is excited to have Cortém on board. In an every changing world, making wine with a unique character will keep our customers interested in what we do and so will continue to choose our wines to drink and enjoy!

Lindeborg Wines
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In diesem Sommer besuchten wir das Weingut von Chris und Helga und waren einfach nur begeistert! Abgesehen vom vortrefflichen Wein, ist die Umgebung, die von beiden dort liebevoll geschaffen wurde, ein Traum, besonders das Ferienapartment!! Danke!!

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