Built with a passion for winemaking and respect for the land

Our vineyards were laid out and planted in fields not used for 30 years. The different grape varieties now grown in vineyards were sourced from Portugal and France and used for the blends that Cortém makes.

All the work at Cortém is done by a small team of local people.


The wines are made traditionally with hand-picked grapes, de-stemming, crushing and 2 days of cold maceration until fermentation starts with natural yeasts at first. To finish the fermentation we add a standard yeast from the champagne region.

Fermentation is for 3-4 weeks in open tubs of 1000 litres each, with covering to exclude air and maintain humidity of the cap, and with manual press-down twice a day, waiting until all fermentation has ceased.

The new wine is racked and the pressing is done in a traditional manual basket press.

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643 mm
Annual rain
15.7 degrees
Average temperature
Grape varieties

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